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Natural Plant Extract Powder Expert

Our Professional laboratory and personnel

Products Quality

Nanjing Zelang Medical Technology Co. Ltd implements its products according to the quality control standard of Chinese P-Pharmacopeia. Meticulous attitude and perseverance help Zelang to develop fast and sanely. The leaders of our company set strict requirements on quality and technology for every product. For this reason, Zelang gained a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nanjing Zelang Medical Technology Co. Ltd owns a series of advanced detecting instrument and analysis technology, including liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, ultraviolet spectrophotometer and atomic absorption spectrophotometer. With this advanced equipment and our professional team, we can guarantee a high quality for all of our herbal extracts that we manufactured.


Reinforcing research, developing strength and insisting on technology accumulation are the foundation of the development of Nanjing Zelang Medical Technology Co. Ltd. Zelang adheres to the concept that scientifics and technical innovations are the main resources for a sustainable development. In order to be established as a first-class enterprise innovative platform and provide a powerful safeguard, Zelang invest many capital in updating research and testing equipment.

In the process from wild raw material, to intermediate material and to finished product, we produce in strict accordance with GMP and ISO quality certificate.